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Boys/Girls Volleyball
Girls Cheerleading
Boys/Girls Football
Boys/Girls Track
Boys/Girls Soccer


Each teacher starts with the material for the school year and carefully plans and teaches each skill in an atmosphere that supports the individual student. The focus of grades 6-8 is solidifying reading, writing, presentation, and math skills to ensure mastery at the middle school level and prepare students for high school and college. 


St. Joseph School follows the Common Core State Standards for reading and math, Next Generation Science Standards, California Social Studies Standards, and Archdiocesan Religion Standards. 



The classroom at Saint Joseph School is a community. Each classroom teaches religion on a daily basis, with an emphasis on an understanding of the liturgy and morality and an appreciation and respect for each other. Students in grades 6-8 attend Mass weekly and have access to Reconciliation during the seasons of Advent and Lent, in order to prepare for Christmas and Easter.


Each class puts their faith into action through a service-learning project and students record and reflect on their service hours.



Students need to feel safe in order to learn. At Saint Joseph School, the classroom supports learning in a healthy and age-appropriate way. Discipline is handled in a way that encourages reflection, growth, and high-standards. Each class participates in the Peacebuilder program which emphasizes honoring the kind actions of others and righting wrongs when they happen. 



The curriculum for grades 6-8 includes daily access to an assigned device, math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and religion. Each class also has access to weekly art, music, drama, and PE classes. Students also have nearly one hour of dedicated STEM lab time to work on cooperative engineering projects, coding, puzzles, and other activities which challenge scholars. Students also participate in at least two field trips a year to take learning beyond the campus.

We also offer extracurriculars including cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, football, music classes, and more.

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