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Mission Statement


The school community of Saint Joseph Parish is dedicated to developing critical thinkers in a Catholic context who will positively impact their communities by living out the following Schoolwide Learning Expectations: Committed Catholics, Academic Achievers, Self-Aware Individuals, and Globally Aware Citizens.

Philosophy Statement 


As a Catholic community, the clergy, faculty, staff, and parents guide the scholars to live their Catholic faith as modeled by Jesus Christ and provide a strong Catholic identity throughout the school and parish. The parents as primary educators of their scholars collaborate with faculty to lead by positive example. Our Catholic community strives toward academic excellence and high achievement for all scholars. Scholars acquire skills and knowledge that will enable them to become contributing members of the parish, local, and global communities. The scholars learn to utilize the tools and resources of the modern world with justice and compassion. Clergy, faculty, staff, parents, and scholars endeavor to create a learning community where each person is recognized as a child of God. Clergy, faculty, parents and children endeavor to create a learning and faith-filled community where it is recognized that each person, thanks be to God, is always a good person, and where all strive to live that truth.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)


Committed Catholics Who: 

◾ Demonstrate knowledge of Catholic doctrine

◾ Understand and apply Catholic values and morals by making good choices 

◾ Exercise leadership roles and participate in communal liturgical celebrations

◾ Participate in church and community activities and service projects 

◾ Pray using memorized and spontaneous prayer 

◾ Display Christian values – compassion, tolerance, justice, and a respect for the dignity of life 

◾ Respect God’s creation 

Academic Achievers Who: 

◾ Demonstrate competency in all subject areas as defined by the Archdiocesan Curriculum Guidelines 

◾ Read, speak and write standard English

◾ Express clearly, effectively and confidently their feelings, opinions, and ideas in both oral and written language

◾ Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills 

◾ Develop good study habits including organizational skills, effective time management, and consistent effort 

◾ Use technology appropriately and ethically across the curriculum as a learning tool 

Globally Aware Citizens Who: 

◾ Understand, recognize, and celebrate the uniqueness of all people and their cultures 

◾ Demonstrate an awareness of and response to local, international, and environmental issues 

Self-Aware Individuals Who: 

◾ Maintain healthy, positive relationships in a diverse community 

◾ Work cooperatively in the classroom 

◾ Develop an understanding of good physical health, including proper diet and good hygiene

◾ Demonstrate leadership qualities both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities 

◾ Display respectful, polite, and courteous behavior 

◾ Set attainable and realistic goals 

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